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Welcome to our office! Our dedicated dentists and team are excited to take care of you and your smile. We recognize the strong connection between oral health and your overall well-being, confidence, and appearance. That’s why we strive to create a friendly and positive dental environment where you can always feel comfortable and confident in our care.

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I hate going to the dentist period ! Prob bc I got drilled and filled no numbing as a kid . Dr Glennon has always treated me good numbed me up . I’ve got nothing bad to say about this place him or staff . I’d always come back to him .


Dr. Glennon is an incredibly skilled dentist with a great personality. He makes you feel comfortable and at home, and the rest of the staff are welcoming. He is very personable and funny, which helps calm you down during procedures (along with knowing you have his expertise in dentistry to make sure the procedure turns out amazing)! I highly recommend this doctor if you want quality dental work done, in a comfortable environment!


An amazing and wonderful dentist. Had to have all of my upper teeth, all four wisdom teeth, and one bottom tooth all removed. This was done in one appointment, and I was awake for the entire process. He did everything to make me as comfortable, and was very sympathetic and empathetic. I have a strong fear of dentists, have had very bad experiences in the past. I also have zero pain tolerance when it comes to mouth pain. He is the most compassionate dentist I have ever met. I am unfortunately no longer able to see him due to changes in insurance, but that’s not anything against him. I would give more stars if possible.


Amazing staff - very friendly and professional. My family and I have been going to Dr. Glennon since 2018. He is very professional, polite, and very good at what he does. The dental hygienist is a very sweet lady - she is so careful and asks every few seconds if anything is hurting when she is cleaning my teeth. Highly recommend Dr. Glennon!


Dr. Glennon completely fixed my smile with veneers after my orthodontist said that after my braces came off my teeth would be unnaturally small. He did my top 6 teeth which is a very long procedure, and when he saw I was getting uncomfortable told my mother and I to go get lunch and stretch, which was really nice of him! He was really funny and great, and when two of my veneers cracked he fixed them for free! Great place, would recommend to someone looking for cosmetic densistry because he loves and is passionate about it, or someone looking for a nice dentists office.


Dr glennon fixed my teeth so well and he was very considerate of the fact I was terrified of the dentist. He did a lot of work for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


I had my wisdom teeth removed from Dr.Glennon and it was pretty quick and nice.the best experience I got from the reception .Abby and Ilianna they both are darling ❤️I don’t know from where to start .from fitting me in for the appointment to welcoming when I got there it was awesome .that’s how every clinical reception should be .they are very caring and very sensible .definitely recommend this place .will visit again for any dental problems